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Hey There!
Hey There!

We are New Chapter America, and its our mission to help people all over the world to fulfill their dreams of studying abroad.

If you'd like to learn more about who we are then keep on reading :)

Chapter One

I’m Gamze Rae, and I grew up in Tekirdag, Turkiye before graduating with a Bachelors in International Relations in 2012.

After getting my J1 Visa, I worked as an Au-Pair in America, and then became a Study Abroad Education Counselor in Istanbul for 3 years. There, I had the privilege of helping students study all around the world (America, Canada, England, Ireland, Spain, Australia, Malta, and more).

It was during that time that I found my dream was to open my own education counseling business.

Language school familiarization trip to Toronto
Visiting San Francisco as an Au-Pair
A New Chapter in America!
Graduating with my MBA
Chapter America

From Istanbul, I then got my F1 student visa and studied English at a Language School in San Diego, before going on to receive my Master's Degree.

While pursuing my studies, I applied for and received my CPT work permit, and started as a Resident Assistant for an International Education Company. Upon graduating, I secured my OPT work permit, becoming the Operations Manager and later promoted to Assistant General Manager at a hotel.

Driven by my passion for students, I pursued a second job as an Administrative Assistant in admissions at a Language School. That experience then led to New Chapter America and the help it provides for others today!

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Meet the Team
Hey, I'm Gamze, I'm the main education counselor and Managing Director at New Chapter America. I absolutely love working here and being able to help others and see them grow!
Hey, I'm David. As the Managing Director, I help make sure everything runs smoothly here at New Chapter America providing development, research, and support so every one of our students gets the best service possible.